When the OECS Commission rolls out a region-wide campaign to call attention to the current threat of marine litter in the OECS marine space, Ronald “Boo” Hinkson and Teddyson John will be among the lead advocates.
Hinkson and John are two of 10 trending OECS aristes featured in a five-minute music video More Than Just Islands which issues a rallying call to the sub-region to adopt a turf-to-surf approach to help reverse current trends in the incidence of marine litter. With the OECS Commission leading the Caribbean’s Blue Economy Agenda at the OECS, current levels of marine pollution are inimical to the sustainable development, management and conservation of ocean resources.
The music video will form part of a public education campaign by the OECS Commission, scheduled to be launched virtually on April 14th at 10 AM. The campaign is the public education component of the project Building Resilience in the Eastern Caribbean through Reduction of Marine Litter (ReMLit), which commenced last year. ReMLit falls under the Ocean Governance and Fisheries Programme and is being implemented with funding from the Government of Norway.
Through ReMLit, the OECS Commission is undertaking a number of priority actions under the Eastern Caribbean Regional Ocean Policy (ECROP). These actions aim to achieve harmonised policy and legislation related to waste management and the implementation of country-level projects to reduce and control marine litter at the country level.

Saint Lucia is one of the six OECS Member States receiving funding and technical support to implement one such project. The project, titled Establishing A Micro Haulers Solid Waste Collection Programme, is a five-month (August – December 2021) initiative which sets out to reduce solid waste reaching the marine environment in the capital city of Castries through improved storage and collection services in select unplanned developments in the Castries Basin. The project will pursue this objective with a programme to replace communal bins with a Curbside collection system in communities that are inaccessible to refuse collection vehicles.

Multiple recording artiste Ronald “Boo” Hinkson is one of the region’s most acclaimed musical artistes. He has shared festival mainstages worldwide with an extensive list of A listers in Jazz, R&B and Contemporary musical genres. His music has been showcased on the day-time television show “One Life to Live”. BBC, BET Jazz, and Bravo TV have also aired his live performances.
A very prolific Soca artiste and musician, every track from Teddyson John has been a number one hit in his native Saint Lucia. However, the meteoric ascent of his 2015 song “Allez” catapulted him to international acclaim, and propelled him to the finals of the 2016 International Soca Monarch Competition in Trinidad & Tobago. On the heels of “Allez” he scored a repeat with “I wanna Talk” the following year. On October 2nd that year, the International Reggae and World Music Awards bestowed on Teddyson John the award for Best Calypso / Soca Entertainer. As an artiste he is extensively travelled, having performed at many major international music festivals.


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