Illegal Dumping, it affects EVERYONE!

On August 24th, 2022 Zonal Supervisor, Mr. Davis Poleon investigated an illegal dumping complaint at Deville, Soufriere. Evidence was retrieved at the site which led him to the person who was responsible for that incident. The perpetrator was very co-operative and was given a directive to effect a total clean-up of the area. This clean-up activity was done on August 27th,2022 and the waste was brought in at our Vieux-Fort facility.

The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority continues to encourage all persons who are engaged in construction activity to refrain form illegally dumping their generated construction waste (C&D). This waste category is usually comingled, containing waste types ranging from plastics to steel rebar which not only strips the site where it is dumped of its aesthetical appeal but also contaminates the soil and ground water as it degrades and leaches chemicals into the ground.

The Authority would also like to advise homeowners and other persons who may hire trucks to haul C&D or any other waste for them to ensure that the person is reputable; who would ensure that the waste is brought to the Landfill.


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