SLSWMA Officer Facilitates Training to Representatives of The Organic School Gardening Project in the Operation and Maintenance of a Wood Chipper


On Thursday, 1st April 2021, one representative from each project school namely; Soufriere Infant and Primary Schools and the Fond St. Jacques R.C. Primary School participated in a training workshop, facilitated by SLSWMA Zonal Supervisor, Mr. Davis Poleon (officer providing oversight on this project).


A small wood chipper/shedder which was procured for this project now enables participating schools to produce wood chips as one of their strategies for the management of organic waste generated at the individual school plants. These wood chips produced, would be used mainly for mulching under the greenhouses and at other landscaped areas on the schools’ grounds. In the absence of adequate raw material for composting the chips would also be used to complement the raw materials acquired so as to ensure that the gestating chamber of the compost station is maximized every time a new heap is layered.


The representatives were given information on the capabilities and operational procedures of the machine. They also saw first-hand how the machine works and got an opportunity to chip a few branches that were harvested at the host school.


It is hoped that this addition to the project deliverables would aid in the sustainability and longevity of this initiative that has begun at the above-mentioned schools.


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