Micro Haulers Solid Waste Collection Programme

The Micro Waste Haulers Programme is a five-month initiative (August – December 2021) set up under the Reduction in Marine Litter (ReMLit) project aimed at reducing solid waste runoff within the Castries basin into the marine environment. The project seeks to achieve this through providing a curbside waste collection service to areas inaccessible by Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs) and the modification of use of communal bins.


SLSWMA Officers, along with the Project Consultant, Ms Alison King are currently conducting preliminary assessments in localities around the Castries basin. These areas are ideal for the proposed implementation of the program due to the number of unplanned developments and their close proximity to the Castries harbour. Many of these unplanned developments are serviced by communal bins which often exceed their capacity, resulting in overflow and the inadvertent runoff of waste into waterways eventually leading to the ocean.

The Consultancy is being facilitated by the   OECS Commission under the Building Resilience in the Eastern Caribbean through Reduction in Marine Litter (ReMLit) Project with funding from the Norwegian Government.    

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