Management of Waste During Hurricane Season

The SLSWMA advises the general public to pay particular attention to the management of solid waste during this hurricane season.

All are encouraged to:

  • Make a special effort to prevent solid waste from being washed into waterways by bagging, storing and covering all waste in a sturdy container.

  • Secure waste in a dry location until collection day.

  • Clean up any debris around your property/ home that can become airborne or washed into a stream or river.

Please be guided that in the event of a storm warning, or more severe notification by NEMO at the 36-hour mark, waste collection will be suspended to safeguard the health and safety of solid waste management personnel. No waste should be placed out for collection.

Subsequent to the “All Clear” issued by NEMO, the Authority will inform the public of a temporary waste collection schedule or a time frame for resumption of normal operations.


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