Licences: A Requirement for Waste Haulage

The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA) has reintroduced waste hauler licence stickers and driver licences in an effort to allow the public to better identify persons legally authorized by the SLSWMA to haul waste for pay; thereby further ensuring that waste is collected, transported properly and safely through public spaces and disposed of only at facilities legally authorized to manage waste. This is to further enforce the Solid Waste Management Act with the aim of minimizing incidences of illegal dumping and dumpsites across the island as currently obtains at places like Pigeon Island, Beausejour, Dauphin, Makote Mangroove and Cocodan to name a few.

Licences are issued for one year and are valid until the end of each calendar year. Vehicle stickers will also be issued annually in a different colour to better identify persons authorized in that year.  Please always ensure your hired waste hauler is in possession of a valid, up to date waste haulers licence.

The public is therefore encouraged to comply with the requirement and engage licenced waste haulers for the transportation of waste to the authorized waste disposal sites; Deglos Sanitary Landfill and Vieux-Fort Solid Waste Management Facility. The updated list of waste hauler service providers will be made available to the public on the Authority’s website in January of each year.


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