The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority has modified the system of garbage collection in Bananes more specifically the residential area near the playing field.

All communal garbage containers have been removed effective Friday, November 13, 2020. From that point onward the said locale will be served via curbside collection.

This means that residents will now place their household garbage along the concrete road circling the playing field on garbage collection days only.

The necessary groundwork to make that change possible and successful was done with the plan to extend the same intervention to the rest of the general area of the Bananes community.

The Authority appeals to all citizens particularly persons who transfer garbage from their communities to the Bananes area to desist from this practice with immediate effect.

The presence of stray dogs poses a major threat to the success of the intervention. Strays are visible there in large numbers and can be observed retrieving bags of garbage, rupturing them, capsizing containers of garbage all with the objective of getting at whatever might soothe hunger pangs. In this regard, a huge appeal is made to dogs owners to exercise due responsibility for these animals so that our combined efforts through the new waste collection intervention will yield the desired effect of a cleaner and sanitary environment.

Of concern to the Authority is the presence of several derelict vehicles along the road. Some covered by weeds and parked over drains causing obstruction to waterways.

The appeal goes out to the owners of said vehicles to mobilize themselves to effect the removal of these items from the area.

The Authority calls upon all people directly benefiting from this improvement initiative to accept their role in making it a successful and sustainable one.



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